New school year, new recipes, new blog

For years, I created weekly blog posts with our dinner menu.  I could link to recipes, look back at something I vaguely remembered cooking months before, and let my family and friends know what I was up to by the game plan for the week (“Baguette pizzas and leftover soup?  Must be a busy week for Karen…”  or maybe, “Fancy pants scallops and lots of side dishes?  Someone’s feeling indulgent…”).

And then I just stopped.  I tried a few times to get it going again, but it wasn’t working for me for quite a while.  I reverted to writing our weekly menu on a sticky note on the side of the fridge.

So now I’m missing years of menu archives.  I look at my Pinterest recipe boards, and I’ve pinned so many thousands of things (most involving butternut squash) that I can’t tell what I’ve made and what I just randomly pinned during a middle-of-the-night-I’m-awake-so-I-might-as-well-check-out-Pinterest-on-my-phone moment.

Here’s my next try.  I logged on to my old blog, and it just feels like it needs more sprucing up than I’m interested in doing at the moment.  And my new school year starts on Monday, so I’m sitting down to menu-plan a whole week for the first time since mid-June.

Wish me luck!




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