September 5 – 9

Happy Labor Day!  One week of school under the belt, and just got back from an up-north hurrah…  now we’re recovering.  We washed the dogs as soon as we got home (because of course they found something amazingly dead to roll in this morning as we were packing the car), took real legit showers of our own, and have the laundry running now.  Three days up north creates so much dirt.  So much dirt.

After cleaning comes meal planning… since it’s already Monday, it feels like a short meal planning week.  And I need to go easy since I’m still getting back into gear for the school year.  But the first NFL game is Thursday, so we have that to work around as well.  With that in mind, here’s what I came up with:

Monday:  Keep it simple — grill up some steaks.  We’ll do grilled zucchini (cut into half moons about a half-inch wide, then coated with olive oil and delicious seasonings, then put in the veggie pan on the grill.  My current favorite veggie seasoning comes from Spice World — we visit the one in Traverse City — it’s Greek Seasoning with Feta, and when you grill veggies with it the deck and backyard smell so amazing.) and also some new baby potatoes — probably halve them, boil them, salt them, eat them.

Tuesday:  It’s our fantasy football draft night!  We’re ordering pizza.  And we brought home some sangria from the winery by our cabin up north, so we’ll have that too — if it lasts until tomorrow night.

Wednesday:  A honest-to-goodness stab at a healthy meal:  Kale, apple, and almond chicken salad.

Thursday:  First football game!  We need football food.  We’ll make homemade nachos:  Put parchment paper on a jelly roll pan, cover the pan with a single layer of tortilla chips, then start sprinkling the toppings.  Usual ones are pulled pork (we smoked a ton of it this summer and froze it in one-cup bags, so that’s perfect for nachos), black beans, red onion, chopped squash, diced avocado, shredded cabbage, and then sprinkle shredded cheese on top.  Bake at about 400 degrees for 15 minutes or so — until everything’s warm, melty, and maybe a little bit toasty.  Serve with salsa, sour cream, guac.

Friday:  Since we already ordered pizza once this week, we need to do homemade dinner, even though it’s Friday.  We’ll grill something (I’m thinking salmon) and then make a salad.

Have a great week!


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