September 11 – 16

It sort of feels like fall!  (Or maybe cooler summer?)  I’m not pumpkin-spicing anything, but I can’t hold out any longer — there WILL be butternut squash this week.

Sunday:  It’s the first official football Sunday, so we’re getting out the smoker.  Phil put some secret spicy rub on a rack of ribs and a different spicy rub on a little venison roast that we had forgotten was in the freezer.  We’ll smoke those this afternoon, and have some homemade coleslaw (shred some cabbage, toss in some mayo, whole grain mustard, apple cider vinegar, salt & pepper…  maybe add some sliced onion or jalapeno or bell pepper) and ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH!  (Chop it in small cubes — maybe half an inch or so — and coat it with olive oil, a bit of salt and cumin, and then roast it in the oven until it gets some browned crispy spots.  I can’t wait.)

Monday:  Stuffed poblano peppers:  Brown some ground beef, add some black beans, onion, mushrooms, tomato, cook it all up.  Slice the poblanos in half lengthwise, lay them on a baking dish, and fill with the mixture.  Top it with cheese and bake it.  We’ll have some salsa (from my marathon canning session on Saturday) and guacamole with it.

Tuesday:  Honey glazed salmon with baby patty pan squash and Israeli couscous.

Wednesday:  Black-eyed pea cakes with corn salsa and sauteed greens.  This is totally a Karen-only dinner…  I’ve been saving it for a while until there was a night when I’d be cooking for just myself.  I’ll follow the linked recipe for the cakes, but I have spicy corn salsa that I’ve already canned, so I’ll use that instead of making some tonight.

Thursday:  Sort of like an appetizer night…  Phil saw a recipe for venison-stuffed jalapenos, so we’ll go with that tonight.  We’ll stuff some big jalapenos with a bit of cream cheese and some sliced venison steak.  Apparently, we then wrap it with a piece of partially cooked bacon, and put it on the grill (I only know about this recipe because Phil told me…  he is totally going to be in charge of this part).  I’ll need more veggies, so we’ll grill some avocado and make a salad as well, to sort of balance out the bacon/cheese fest.

Friday:  It’s so hard to not just get take-out on Fridays.  So very hard.  It’s a tiny bit easier when we have a plan, and when it’s an easy plan.  So we’re going for it:  Individual flat bread pizzas on Naan bread with whatever toppings still exist in the fridge by Friday.  We are perpetually stocked with mozzarella and pizza sauce, so anything else is a bonus.  And maybe a salad if we still have anything green in the fridge.

Have a great week!


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