September 18 and so on…

Just checked the weather report, and this week is looking gorgeous.  So I’ll put aside the recipes I want to try that involve the oven, and stay grill-focused this week.  It’s a sacrifice, but I’m a tough cookie.

Sunday:  Steak, grilled corn on the cob, and wedge salad…  We had a yummy-looking ribeye in the freezer, the corn is still super-abundant at every roadside stand, and I love a good wedge salad.  I’ll cook up a couple pieces of bacon, cut big fat wedges of iceberg lettuce (then put them on individual plates back in the fridge so they get good and chilly) and then sprinkle the bacon, chopped red pepper, chives, red onion, and maybe some avocado on top.  Then blue cheese dressing.  We’ll probably cook a few sliced mushrooms in some foil on the grill too, because they’re so yummy with steak.

Monday:  This cilantro lime chicken salad with mangos and avocados became one of my favorite salads this summer.  I think it’s because you marinate chicken thighs in lime juice and garlic and other wonderfulness for a good long time.  It’s so so very good.

Tuesday & Wednesday — See-how-it-goes nights…  our dinnertime obligations don’t line up, so we won’t be home at the same time for a meal.  That usually means cheese & crackers or a big tomato chopped up for me and something meat-centric for Phil.  Maybe there will be leftovers from the salad on Monday, or maybe the universe will bring us something else delicious.

Thursday:  Burgers (yay grill!), grilled potatoes (chop them, bring them to a boil, then dump out the water.  Put them in foil with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever other seasonings look good — cumin?  garlic powder?  chili flakes? — and grill until the bottoms get crispy and yummy), and grilled broccoli.

Friday — the flatbread pizza idea from last week actually worked!  We didn’t buckle and order takeout!  So we’ll try it again.  Naan bread, whatever toppings are hanging out in the fridge, yummy cheese.

Have a great week!


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