It’s October now!

We spent the weekend up north (the colors were just starting to pop out in the trees!), and anytime there’s a weekend away, we end up cutting some Sunday-afternoon corners.  You know…  do we need clean clothes this week?  Are we okay pretending the house is clean and just averting our eyes? Can we plan an entire week’s menu without hitting the grocery store?  (Answer:  no.  But we made it a quick trip.)

Here’s what we came up with:

Sunday:  A no-recipe dinner on the grill (because it’s nicer out this week!):  Grilled mahi mahi, potatoes (chop them, boil them quick on the stove, dump out into foil with olive oil, chili powder, cumin, and salt, then put on the grill) and grilled veggies (to make it fancy, we had a medley — a couple chopped zucchini, a sliced tomato, half an onion…  and a bit of parmesan on top.  Also in foil with olive oil, also tossed on the grill.)

Monday:  Spinach salad with apples, bacon, and other good stuff.

Tuesday:  Thankful for frozen shrimp…  Thai Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry with Shrimp

Wednesday:  Southwestern chopped salad with cilantro dressing

Thursday:  Caesar salad with grilled chicken thighs:  I use the dressing from this recipe, and then throw in whatever caesar-y stuff I have — romaine, parmesan, grilled chicken.

We’re not even going to think about Friday right now.  Just happy we might make it through the week with an acceptable number of veggies in our lives.

Have a great week!


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