October 30

It’s raining, and I’m putting off going for a run.  So I’m reading recipes instead.  And deciding how many times I can make soup in one week.

Sunday:  In a bit I’m heading out for a nice long run in preparation for a half marathon in a couple of weeks.  Long runs make me feel very indulgent afterwards, so I’m cooking something yummy for dinner tonight:  Mussels with garlic & white wine (saute onions, garlic, some thyme in oil, add white wine and bring to a simmer — put the mussels in the pot and put the lid on, and cook until their shells open, then pull them out, cook the sauce down a bit — maybe with some butter — and pour it over the mussels) with crunchy baguette.  I bought orange cauliflower yesterday (it looks like cheese!) so we’ll roast that to have on the side.

Monday:  Halloween!  We probably won’t get any trick-or-treaters, but since we lived all those years right in the middle of the trick-or-treat action, we still feel the need to be home early and be ready, just in case.  So I’m planning something sort of time-intensive, since I’ll be hanging around waiting for that doorbell that just won’t ring:  Butternut squash risotto with pancetta!  I sort of loosely follow this recipe, but I start with sautéing cubed pancetta.  I also use a mix of frozen squash and fresh cubed squash for more texture.  On the side we’ll have sautéed kale with toasted pecans.

Tuesday:  It’s going to be warmer today, so we’ll celebrate by using the grill. Grilled mahi mahi with seasoned brussels sprouts.

Wednesday:  No plan today.  Neither of us is sure how our day is going to go, so we’re just planning to graze/eat leftovers/eat peanut butter straight from the jar.

Thursday:  Soup!!!  Sweet & sour beef cabbage soup.  First time trying this recipe, but I bought cabbage at the farmers’ market yesterday, so we’re going for it.

Have a great week!  Happy November!


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