Happy Super Bowl! Let’s eat food with buffalo sauce. (And probably cheese)

So when we’re watching football, I always feel like I need to eat football-ish food.  But I’m also coming off of a week of mostly travel dining, where my produce options were pretty much the sad clementines I had stuffed in my purse and the single piece of lettuce and tomato on the boxed-lunch sandwiches.  I’m craving veggies.

And also Super Bowl-related, one year a long long time ago we went to a Super Bowl party where the theme was… soup.  Crock Pot after Crock Pot lined the kitchen counter.  It was the best idea ever.

So no soup for the game, but we’ll try a couple new soup recipes this week in recognition of this national holiday.


Buffalo cauliflower florets (with celery and blue cheese):  Toss chunks of cauliflower in olive oil, then spread on a sheet pan and cook at about 450 degrees until there are brown and roasty bits.  Pull them out of the oven and toss them in a bowl with some Frank’s Red Hot, then serve with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.

Chipotle chicken sweet potato skins:  This is a recipe I’m trying based on a picture from Pinterest.  The link was broken, so I couldn’t actually see a recipe, but I think I can figure it out.  I’m going to cut small sweet potatoes lengthwise and bake for a bit until I can scoop out the insides, then I’ll pop them back in the oven for a bit to crisp up.  I’ll saute onion, jalapeno, some shredded chicken, and the insides of the sweet potatoes, then season with chipotle chili powder, salt and pepper.  I’ll stuff that into the skins, sprinkle with a bit of cheese, and bake until it’s all gooey.  We’ll have some sliced avocado and salsa with it.


This is really the name of this soup:  Lentil and Sausage Soup for a Cold Winter’s Night.  How could I not try it?


Seared cod with bacon, braised fennel and kale, with maple-dijon roasted carrots and mushrooms.  This is in the ’30 minute dinner’ section of this month’s Cooking Light magazine, but it sounds too fancy to be fast.  So we might end up with seared cod with carrot sticks if I’m not as fast as the magazine thinks I can be.


Avocado english muffin with poached egg, with a big random veggie salad on the side — no real recipe, just toast an english muffin, mash avocado on it, plop a poached egg on top, a bit of salt and pepper…  and then the salad will have whatever veggies still exist in the fridge.  I’ve been madly craving artichokes lately, so there will be artichokes.  And maybe other veggies too.


Spiced meatball, butternut, and tomato stew.  Because butternut.


Greek chicken nachos — to change it up from the regular nachos we make way too often.

Have a good week!  Every day we’re closer to spring — so enjoy the lentil soup while you can!



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