It’s the last week in March — one week until break. We can do this.

This week is all about just hanging on — Friday night is right around the corner, and that brings a whole week of no alarm clocks and comfy clothes and lounging on the couch drinking coffee all morning.  But first we have to make it through the week.  Keeping things simple:


Yesterday at the farmer’s market, Hoffman’s Chop Shop had some lovely assembled meatloafs.  Maybe it’s because it was pouring rain, or maybe because I’ve been craving meatloaf for a while, or maybe it’s because I knew that this week dinner needed to be just one step removed from Hot Pockets (simplicity-wise, not nutrition-wise).  So I got a meatloaf.  We’re having it tonight with roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli.  I’m most excited about the leftovers.

Monday:  Another booth at the market had homemade sauerkraut — I couldn’t pass that up.  So dinner tonight is grilled turkey kielbasa, sauerkraut, and sauteed peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  And probably plenty of spicy mustard.

Tuesday: Salad with chopped apples, pecans, blue cheese, and grilled chicken (maybe glazed with some strawberry jam — I just realized I made a ton of jam last summer and haven’t even opened any of it yet.  I flavored a few jars with yummy things, like mint/basil, or black pepper/balsamic vinegar.  One of those might be good on grilled chicken.  We’ll see!)

Wednesday:  School event tonight — so no dinner plans.

Thursday: Grilled flank steak (the original reason I was at the Hoffman’s counter at the farmer’s market last weekend) with roasted sweet potatoes and salad.

Friday:  Probably just cheese.  Or maybe face-plant in the couch and skip dinner entirely, just start the spring break nap…  🙂


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